Monday, 31 May 2010


I didn't really mean to add this to my blog, it was meant to go to twitter but, well, it happened and here it is!

Horse 365/144, originally uploaded by jilleebee needs to make more cards!.
Quite amused by the glow of the horse's tiara on this one! Used the Picnik HDRish effect on flickr for an added bit of oomph.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Owd Tyke

A 365 photo......One man and his beer............fiddled with on photoshop, I think cutout was the button I pressed this time!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Anniversary Time!

I'm pleased that my dear friend Mrs B is back from her anniversary break as I can now post a picture of the anniversary card I made for her and her lovely hubby!

A very Happy First Anniversary to you both! I can't believe its a year already!!

By the way people you must check out Mrs B's blog - go on - do it - you know you want to!!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hello Dolly...

Hello Dolly..., originally uploaded by Star Cat.
How adorable is this cat? I so wish I lived in the US, if I did I would adopt her right away!

Hot Dog

Saturday 22nd May was definitely the hottest day of the year so far and not a good time to be wearing a fur coat!

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Check out the size of that tongue!!


Tonight, Himself and I took ourselves off to a nearby 24 hour supermarket at around 3am.  I appreciate that to most people this is Not Normal, however we'd had a little sleepy earlier on and we Needed Stuff.........

The shop we went to was further away than our local one and, frankly, we'd rather travel further to that one as we have vowed never to set foot in the local one again (see earlier posts for details!)

We managed to spend a fortune on nothing just for a change but as there were a few little treats in there (including an expensive photography magazine, which is your fault Mrs B!!) we couldn't grumble too much!!

On the way up we had stopped the car and turned round because we saw a hedgehog on the other side of the road. we went to move it but unfortunately someone had hit it with a car and the poor little thing was dead. This put a bit of a dampener on our shopping trip, as you can imagine.  Further up the road there were loads of bunny rabbits frolicking about. I had to drive very slowly and carefully in case any of them made a suicide jump in front of the car. Luckily they all decided they were happy to be alive tonight.

On the way home, neither of us could face going by the little dead hedgehog again so we went a more scenic route and were very pleased that we did for we saw a fox and her cubs!!  The silly things were stood in the middle of the road (why do they do that when there are fields for miles around???) but as I was on Extreme Wildlife Alert I was driving very slowly. I wish it had been a bit lighter so we could have seen them clearer. They are such beautiful creatures and seeing them kind of made up for the Sad Hedgehog Incident.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Cat Rescue

When we got our kittens, Kevin and Betty, they came from a local cat rescue. They were feral kittens whose mother had been run over and killed. Luckily they were found by a passer-by who took them to the nearest vet. The vet passed them on to the rescue people who, in turn, passed them on to us - this is an abridged version of the whole story!

Following the death of my beloved Percy, Himself and I thought that Marmite was missing catty company, as he'd always until that point had cat brothers. He still had Ollie, of course, but he needed someone who spoke fluent cat, rather than pigeon cat.

We went through lots of thoughts and emotions around bringing another cat into the household; what if they didn’t get on? That would be a disaster of epic proportions…..

I found a website for a local cat rescue charity, and emailed to say I was interested in perhaps fostering cats. Between us, himself and I really truly thought that we would get a call to say some poor ancient and falling apart moggy was in desperate need of care and could we help out? We fantasised that this poor sad mog would fit into the household perfectly and would stay with us forever………..

When I did get the call, it went something like this..........

Cat Lady: Hi. You’re looking to foster cats?

Me: oh yes, really looking forward to it!

Cat Lady: That’s great – how do you feel about kittens?

Well this wasn’t what we were expecting at all……….I looked at himself and mouthed the word “kittens” – he looked vaguely alarmed……..

Me: Well,……..we hadn’t really thought about kittens…..

Cat Lady: (having rang back because the said kittens had disconnected her phone) Well I have two, they are about 6 weeks old, hand reared and it would be great if you could foster them……..

Me: (having rang the Cat Lady back again because the said kittens had disconnected her phone again) Well ok…..I suppose it wouldn’t harm for a short while……..

Cat Lady: (having rang back yet again for the same reason) Great – see you Tuesday!

When I went to the house to collect the kittens and I first saw them, I thought I was the victim of some sort of elaborate prank. These weren’t kittens….they were hamsters surely!! I have never in my life seen such tiny kittens!!

Initially, there was a great deal of hissing and back arching – the kittens were hilarious – hamster sized kitties setting themselves at a large dog and cat!! But after a couple of weeks it all settled down!

After they had been with us for a couple of months (and they had managed to completely wreck the house) we got the dreaded call……..someone wanted to come and see them……..we went into immediate panic/survival mode. Who was this person to think she could come and take away our little charges? We had brought them up, fed them, played with them, educated them, cleaned up after them – how could we trust someone else to care for them as we had????

As I had spent the preceding few weeks assuring people that I would have no problem handing them over when the time came, I made a brave show of it but at the last moment Himself intervened and the decision was made. They would stay with us!!

Anyway the rest, as they say, is history!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

A drop of Baileys

One of my 365 photos.

The girls are getting ready for a big night out. That is one sizeable bottle of Baileys, and they are having it *before* they go to the pub? I think its going to be a messy one.......

Kev Daisy ATC

I made this as a special order for one of my lovely trade ladies! Hope she likes it - it came out better than I thought :-)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New Widget!!

I just added the NeoCounter widget today. So far it looks a little sad as I've been the only visitor to my blog since I added it! Hope it fills up soon :-))

If you are a visitor, please feel free to say hello!

Monday, 10 May 2010


Its 7 years today since we lost our beloved Dougal. He was one in a million and we still miss him every day.

This is a favourite photo of him. I used it as my 365 photo for today, which is a bit of a cheat as a) clearly it wasn't taken today and b) I suspect it might have been taken by Himself. However, it doesn't matter as Dougal deserves to be today's special picture.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Not Impressed

One of my 365 photos.

Betty was NOT impressed at being picked up and photographed in this manner as, I think, her expression indicates!! You can see how tiny she is compared to Himself's hands.

Quite like the strange funky colours, not quite sure how that happened!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

I have this growing in a pot in my yard. I'm amazed it has done so well this year as last year it got totally munched by snails!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Teddy Bear's Picnic #2 ATC

023, originally uploaded by jilleebee needs to make more cards!.

For a swap on ATCs_4_Everyone. The teddy photo is by me, photoshop frame, background by me, hat from Ten Two Studios.

Teddy Bears' Picnic #1 ATC

For a swap on ATCs_4_Everyone. The teddy photo is by me, photoshop frame, background by me, hat from Ten Two Studios.

Fancy Hat Waterfall ATC

Waterfall card (from Joanna Sheen cd) for ATCs_4_Everyone Hats swap.

I think its a bit wonky unfortunately but, hey, art is not meant to be perfect!!

Nice Hat ATC

Made for a Hats swap on ATCs_4_Everyone.

Image from Joanna Sheen cd.

Saturday, 1 May 2010


This is where I had an interview on Wednesday.

Well, not precisely in this spot but in the cemetery offices!! Sadly it seems I did not get the job, which is a shame as at least I could have had interesting lunchtime walks!!