Sunday, 27 June 2010

Pink Mile 2010

Mam and Ollie on the Pink Mile Walk today. We all had a fabulous time!

Trying To Get A Nice Photo Of Marmite

Not an easy task! Marmite is incredibly handsome and photogenic (I am biased but its a fact); however, he was not in a Sitting Still And Posing fettle so I had to employ some creative photo taking techniques which resulted in myself and Parker making unexpected guest appearances.............

Friday, 25 June 2010

Sonic Rock Solstice

Last weekend we travelled down to Wales to attend the Sonic Rock Solstice. Wow! What a fab time we had!! The weather was lovely, we met some great people, the music was amazing and basically everything except our tent was perfect!

The tent was a bit of a disaster. Several years ago I went to Glastonbury with some friends and one of the party had a pop up tent. At the time it was somewhat revolutionary and an object of awe and wonderment. Easy to put up; easy to pack away - and quite roomy into the bargain. So ,when I bought my lovely new pink pop up tent a couple of weeks ago, I expected something even better; given the passage of time and advances in technology.

What I actually got was an apology for a tent that my Barbies (not to mention Himself) would be embarrassed to be seen in public with. Comments from our fellow festival-goers included "what, there are TWO of you sleeping in there??" and "....I thought we had the worst tent....."

We also caused major amusement when it came to folding the damn thing back up too. Firstly the instructions were incomplete (I feel a complaint letter coming on.....) and secondly, no matter what we did we could NOT get it small enough to go back in its carry case thingy. In the end we had to tie it together using the guy ropes and pile loads of stuff on top of it in case it decided to sproing open in the car on the way home!!

The journey home is worthy of a post of its own so I will leave this for now and come back to it later! Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode folks!!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Little Jack Parkerpants

This rather handsome boy came to stay with us today.

His name is Jack (at the moment) although we are considering changing it to Parker as I think he looks like Parker from Thunderbirds!!

All is going well so far and he seems to be settling in. Kevin and Betty are fascinated (and a bit scared) as they have only ever seen black cats!

The quality is a bit rubbish as I didn't want to scare him with a flash.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Barbie Army!

The Barbie Army in their full glory.

A whole lotta pink going on there............

Bailey's Plaque

Himself spotted this plaque on a bench at the beach that we must have walked past 100 times and never noticed before.

So touching. It brought a lump to my throat.

Its a bit hard to read in the photo so this is what it says:

"In loving memory of our bright eyed Bailey Boy who was born a dog and died a gentleman"

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Today's 365 photo.

Betty wasn't quite sure what she thought of the latest Barbie Army recruit........

This was taken on my Blackberry and the flash didn't fire, hence the not so brilliant quality!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Time flies.............

I just looked at the time and got a shock! How is it so late already??!!

I've been sucked into twitter and flickr for a good couple of hours without even realising it!

If you like excellent photos or cats or both check out his blog. There are some wonderful stories (you might need a hanky at times - I do!!) and some amazing photos.

Beach Walk

We went for a little walk on the beach last night.

Ollie was a bit deranged and got a fright from a sandcastle!

The weather was gorgeous though and it was a nice little trip out.