Saturday, 24 April 2010

Trip to Auld Reekie

It was Himself's birthday on Thursday so we went to Edinburgh for an overnight stay.

We love Edinburgh, in fact we lived there for a few years and we would probably go back tomorrow if we could.

I'm a bit disappointed by the decision to introduce trams. When I first heard about it, I had romantic visions of old fashioned trams, gently trundling through the streets, not something that looks like it has escaped from Blade Runner!! I have doubts about this but I shall have to reserve judgement until I see it in action (and check out the prices of course).
I just think it’s a shame that such a beautiful city with so much going for it cannot live by the maxim that if its not broken, don’t fix it!

Notwithstanding our surprise over the recent changes in the city (and not all for the best either in my opinion) we had a lovely time. Typically, the weather was unkind and it peed down yesterday, which limited the photographic opportunities a bit but who cares, eh? It was just nice to be back "home" for a while!

Edinburgh Fashions!!

The Royal Mile, one of my favourite ever streets.

This was the view from our hotel room - very picturesque!!

Lunch at Deacon Brodie's Tavern. It was lovely and highly recommended!

We didn't do any sunbathing!!

A bucket full of gin in the window of the whisky shop!!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Summer Dress

This is for a swap in the Art Papercraft Group on flickr. It has worked out better than I thought. I'll be finishing off the Spring one to go with it tonight. I had wanted to do some sort of floaty weddingy type dress but the practicalities of it have got in the way a little. I need to work on the idea!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Note to self

This is a reminder to me to do a post about the joke of a town that I live in.  You couldnt make up the stuff that goes on here.....stay tuned folks!!


Enough!, originally uploaded by jilleebee.
From the expression on her face, I think Betty was getting more than a little annoyed with me shoving the camera in her face while she was trying to have a snooze in the morning sunshine.

Not sure if I'm going to use this as today's 365 picture or not....let's see what the rest of the day brings first!

Family feet

Family feet 365/107, originally uploaded by jilleebee.
Had a run out into the country yesterday.

This was meant to be a snap of the interesting cracks in the ground, but all our feet got in on the act!

I didnt even notice mine until I got home and downloaded the picture!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Hilda meets Percy the (would-be) Gerbil Slayer

In tribute to my little Percy, this is a story I wrote back in 2002

I was absolutely gutted when my lovely gerbil, Harry, died. “No more!” was the cry in the house – but not from me, I hasten to add.

I bided my time for at least a whole week, or maybe even two, and then managed to work it into the conversation that the local pet shop had baby gerbils for sale. The babies were sooooo cute, I explained, and it was a shame – nay, an insult to the memory of my dearly departed Harry to leave his old home empty. However, my pleas fell on deaf ears.

They say that good things come to those who wait and wait I did. My big chance came when my other-half went away for a few days the following weekend. I rubbed my hands together with glee and thought “Ha!”.

I had barely finished waving him off when I just so happened to need to pop into the pet shop for a few bits and bobs and, oh dear me, somehow I seemed to emerge with a tiny chocolate brown bundle, whom I named Hilda.

I settled my new baby into Harry’s old home, a cat-proof glass tank. After making sure she had all the comforts a gerbil could possibly need, I shooed the cats and dog away and left her to get acquainted with her new surroundings. After an hour or so I popped up to see how Hilda was getting on and as there was no sign of movement from the tank, I left her to it - well pleased with myself that she had settled down so fast.

I went off downstairs to wash the dishes, which was interrupted by the phone ringing – the man himself. Taking a deep breath I broke the news about the new addition to the family, which he actually took quite well in the circumstances.


After the call, I resumed my dish-washing but was distracted by Dougal howling and yowling. Now, this is not unusual for Dougal as he is a very vocal cat but a slightly desperate tone made me stop what I was doing and go and investigate.


Perhaps at this point I should mention that, apart from a very brief flirtation which ended abruptly when Dougal was run over, my cats are strictly indoor cats so I have never had to deal with the usual trail of tiny dismembered corpses that other cat owners seem to take in their stride. So, I was absolutely horrified to come face to face on the stairs with Percy – who had a seemingly lifeless Hilda hanging from his mouth by her tail!

Of course, being the level-headed, calm-in-a-crisis sort that I am, I started flapping about and yelling at Percy to drop Hilda NOW! Percy, having caught the wee escapologist, didn’t seem to quite know what to do with her and stood rooted to the spot with a look of “what on earth do I do now?” on his face, while Dougal yowled on for me to save the gerbil (he’s a strange one) and Reg (the dog) looked vaguely amused.


After a few seconds, which felt like hours, Percy ran off but not before dropping Hilda who, to my relief, wasn’t dead but was in severe shock. Dougal and Reg also high-tailed it out of there and left me with the poor traumatised rodent to deal with. Have you ever seen a scared gerbil? Boy, can they jump. I was trying to catch her and she was jumping literally about 3 feet into the air! Eventually, with the assistance of a woolly hat, I managed to grab her and thankfully, apart from a minor flesh wound near her eye, she seemed ok.

I later realised that she had escaped via the hole in the lid of the tank where the water bottle fitted. No wonder she had seemed quiet when I checked on her – she must have been out and about!

Two and a half years later, Hilda is still going strong. She’s a big fat pudding now and strangely enough, after her brush with Percy the (would be) Gerbil Slayer, she never seemed that interested in going for adventures outside of her safe, warm home!


After due consideration, Percy decided not to pursue his career as a rodent hunter as it was an awful lot of hard work and he received no recognition for his achievements!

October 2002

Remembering Percy

Today marks two years since my little Percy Puss Cat died. I still think about him and miss him every day.

I'm trying hard to think happy and positive thoughts this year and not dwell on the gloom.

This is my favourite kitten photo of him - I call it Percy Pom Pom, for fairly obvious reasons! He was such a cute little kitten!

I made this tribute to the little chap today.

He certainly grew into a handsome fellow! I used to often call him Purry as he was the purriest cat ever, you just had to look at him and he'd start!!