Saturday, 31 March 2012

Naughty Bunny

As I said previously, Lucy the foster bunny is settling in very well.......a bit too well in some respects!

Monday, 19 March 2012

New Foster Bunny!

No sooner had Bob and Marley bunny gone to their new home than I received a message from Blyth Wildlife Rescue asking me if I could possibly foster their brother!*** The lady who had been fostering him was unable to keep him any longer as her dog was becoming more and more keen to have rabbit pie for tea!

We went straight round to get the bunny, who is a boy called Lucy, and I'm pleased to say he's settled in really well.   So, here we are again searching for a forever home for a gorgeous bunny rabbit! 

***  A trip to the vet revealed that Lucy is in fact a girl, which makes a lot more sense!!

Bunny Update

I'm pleased to say that Bob and Marley Bunny went to a lovely new home on Friday (16 March). Their fabulous new family did a 600 mile round-trip to collect them - how fab is that?  They have settled in wonderfully and I'm so happy that my first successful foster/adoption is done!