Saturday, 4 June 2011


I've joined a Swab-bot swap called "Craft a craft for my cat" and, as the title suggests, you have to make a gift for your swap partner's cat! 

I've decided to make some knitted catnip mice and  I'm quite pleased with the way the first one has turned out. I've adapted a pattern that I found on the internet slightly - there are loads of free patterns available! 

Battersea Dog and Cat Home even have some patterns but if you use these please make sure that you make some extra mice and send them to the cats in need - only fair! The little pirate is my favourite :)

Fishy Update

Well one week on and Lua is still fit and well, which makes me a very happy girl indeed!

I went to the pet shop this afternoon and updated the nice man on Lua's progress. He informed me that he thought the Rescue Remedy may well have sorted out Lua, as a fish breeder he knows actually uses whisky to  revive his fish if they are poorly!!! I'm not sure if they insist on a single malt or plain old cooking whisky but that's another one to bear in mind if anything like that happens again which, touch wood, it never will!!