Sunday, 30 January 2011

Crowabout ATC

I made this from the same collage sheet as the picture I posted earlier. Wise words of advice, I think!!

Saturday, 29 January 2011


This is my first attempt at a Crowabout challenge! I really enjoyed doing it Apart from anything else, it's excellent photoshop practice!!

I hope it illustrates the story I'm trying to tell.....the chap top right is blowing love and kisses to the lady who is catching the love and kisses in her net.  Meanwhile, the chap top left is pining for her, hence the fragile heart. He wants to send her his declaration of love but doesn't know if he can handle the potential rejection.........or something like that!! net lady looks quite smug to me, she's obviously enjoying all the attention!!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sugarbush Dog Groomers

One of my lovely facebook friends had this video on her wall - it made me smile so much that I wanted to spread that smile!!! Enjoy!!

Love the Fox

Love the Fox, originally uploaded by jilleebee.
Inspired (a) by a nasty news story and (b) Ron Tree.

I found the original photo in a google search, cropped and fiddled with it to "posterize" it. I'd love to give a credit to the photographer but unfortunately I didn't make a note of where I found it. I hope they don't mind me using it!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I noticed a post from one of my facebook friends last night. She said she needed help and that tragedy had struck. I know people often exaggerate for effect on their facebook status (ahem!) but in this case I'm sorry to say there was no exaggeration.

The lady in question runs a cat rescue from her home in the US and a few nights ago her house burned down. Apart from the obvious horror of the situation, this lady has lost up to 15 of her rescue cats and her little dog. I cannot imagine the devastation she must be feeling and I can't stop thinking about her.

Her facebook friends have rallied round and have started a collection for her. Last time I looked it had raised $345. Other people have offered practical advice and are trying to find her somewhere to stay (the Red Cross provided a hotel for 2 nights). She was left with the clothes on her back - unfortunately it appears she wasn't even fully dressed when the fire broke out but a kind neighbour gave her a coat.
I feel 2011 hasn't got off to the very best of starts. This lady is only one of many people who have lost their homes, their belongings and their pets (I'm thinking here of the people in Australia, Brazil, the Philippines and other places where natural disaster has occurred over the last few weeks). I only hope that the year improves....let's face it for some people it couldn't really get any worse.

These situations make me feel so helpless. I can't do anything to help this lady apart from make other people aware of her situation and hope that someone can help her; I can't do anything to help flood victims except hope that the water goes soon so that they can start to try and rebuild their lives.
Sorry for the gloomy post - I shall aim for a more cheerful subject next time!

Friday, 14 January 2011


It was one of my new work friend's birthday this week. She is a big fan of skulls so I wanted to make her a skull themed birthday card. Unfortunately, despite a great deal of effort, I failed in my quest and ended up buying her a card. Admittedly it was fabulous!

Anyway, in the course of my fiddlings about I came about and was delighted to find some dias de los muertos brushes! Hurrah! I just LOVE the imagery associated with the day of the dead festivals, so I was particularly excited to find this site! Fantastic!!!

So this is what I came up with:

The bottom card is actually my favourtite!

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Happy New Year and new decade everyone!

It's hard to believe that Christmas was last week and work starts again in a couple of days. Naturally, being me, I'm now emerging from my holiday fugue and thinking of all the places I could go and things I could do......never happy!! Well I suppose there are a couple of days left so I'd better get cracking!

I need to make a thank you card for my auntie and get that posted off to her asap so I've got my Crafty Individuals "meet under the tree" stamp earmarked for that. I've not used it before so let's see what I come up with!